21 November 2023Limb Lengthening Surgery

Average height in Asian countries 2023Each country has its own unique average height, primarily due to factors such as genetics, socio-economic conditions, dietary habits, environmental factors, and healthcare services. Despite being on the same continent, many countries exhibit distinct differences in their average height or other physical characteristics. Understanding these nuances in average height not only sheds light on the unique characteristics of each nation but also underscores the importance of addressing health and socio-economic inequalities to ensure the well-being of their populations.

Asia is a continent known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity. The countries such as China, Japan, and India are major players in the global economy of Asia, and they also boast the highest population of any countries in the world. The Asian continent contains many countries that are both highly developed and lagging behind; and each of these countries has its own unique characteristics. What about average heights? What do we know about the average height of Asian countries?

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Average Heights Across Asian Countries

In the continent of Asia, there are many countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, and Vietnam, each with its own unique characteristics. Despite being located on the same continent, these countries exhibit significant differences in their average heights, owing to the factors mentioned earlier. In the table below, you can find data on the average height for men and average height for women in these countries.

Countries Average Height for Men Average Height for Women
China 175cm / 5ft 8inc 163 cm / 5ft 4inc
Japan 172cm / 5ft 7inc 158cm / 5ft 2inc
Turkey 176cm / 5ft 9inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
India 166cm / 5ft 5inc 155cm / 5ft 1inc
Indonesia 166cm / 5ft 5inc 154cm / 5ft 1inc
Pakistan 167cm / 5ft 5inc 154cm / 5ft 0inc
Uzbekistan 174cm / 5ft 8inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
East Timor 160cm / 5ft 2inc 153cm / 5ft 2inc
Iran 175cm / 5ft 8inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
Saudi Arabia 170cm / 5ft 7inc 158cm / 5ft 2inc
Vietnam 168cm / 5ft 6inc 158cm / 5ft 2inc
Taiwan 173cm / 5ft 8inc 160 cm 5ft 2inc
Singapor 173cm / 5ft 8inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
Qatar 173cm / 5ft 8inc 160 cm 5ft 2inc
Thailand 171cm / 5ft 7inc 159cm / 5ft 2inc
Yemen 163cm / 5ft 4inc 154cm / 5ft 0inc
Malaysia 168cm / 5ft 6inc 157cm / 5ft 1inc
Philippines 165 cm 5ft 5inc 154 cm 5ft 0inc

When we look at the countries in the continent of Asia in a broad sense, we can observe significant differences in height, especially among certain countries. For example, in terms of average height for men, Turkey stands at 176cm, while East Timor is at 160cm; similarly, while China has an average height for women of 161cm, East Timor has an average height of 153cm.

Growing taller is a dream for many people, especially in countries with shorter average heights. When it comes to increasing one’s height, especially for adults, the only effective method is “limb lengthening surgery.” If you are in search of a method to increase your height and are unsure about how to go about it, you can find information about limb lengthening surgery in the continuation of our article. Alternatively, you can also get more detailed information about the surgery from our article titled “Discovering Limb Lengthening Surgery: What’s It All About?

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Patient's before-after pictureLimb lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure performed on individuals who wish to increase their height, either due to a medical condition or purely for aesthetic reasons. Among the various types of surgeries, this procedure requires a relatively longer treatment process. It can be performed on individuals who have completed adolescence and have passed medical examinations successfully. The doctor begins by evaluating the patient’s overall health and conducting necessary tests and analyses to determine whether the patient is suitable for surgery. Additionally, the doctor examines the patient’s body structure to provide information about the maximum achievable lengthening.

If the required tests and examinations yield positive results from both the doctor’s and the patient’s perspectives, a decision is made for the surgery day. After the surgery, the patient can expect an extended period of physical therapy. You can watch our patient interview video below to find more detailed information about limb lengthening surgery, additionally, you can also view our latest announcements and follow our patient journeys on our TikTok account. For any other questions you may have, you can also get in touch with our patient representatives.


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