26 March 2024Limb Lengthening Surgery

Drugs for height growthThe question of “are there any drugs that will increase height?” has been a point of curiosity for individuals who are dissatisfied with their short stature for years. There are many medications available worldwide and locally that claim to increase a person’s height. It’s crucial to approach these medications with caution. Most of the products and medications marketed for height growth are typically dietary supplements or alternative medicine, backed by advertising or marketing efforts. Many of these products do not truly guarantee an increase in height because they do not have effects proven by science. Often, claims about the effectiveness of these products are based on user experiences or guarantees offered by the company. Therefore, uninformed use may not only be ineffective but can also lead to other side effects. In the continuation of our article, you can find all the details about methods for increasing height during childhood, adolescence, and beyond.

Increasing Height During Childhood and Adolescence

Before discussing the causes of short stature in children, it’s important to highlight a key issue; some parents think their kids are not as tall as they should be, especially before and during puberty. Because of this, they might try methods to make their children taller that haven’t been proven to work. This behavior can lead to serious health problems; therefore, if you’re concerned your child is shorter than they should be, the first step should be consulting a specialist doctor.

There are several reasons for short stature in children, including:

The conditions listed above can negatively affect your child’s growth. However, trying medical methods found through research or suggested by others is not advisable. The indiscriminate use of height increase pills can pose serious health risks to your child. Therefore, it is crucial to only use medication or growth hormone therapy prescribed by your doctor and under their supervision.

Increasing Height after Puberty

One of the most frequently asked questions is about increasing height after puberty, and unfortunately, there are many misconceptions in this issue. Firstly, it’s important to clarify that no medication, diet, or type of exercise contributes to height increase after puberty. The primary reason for this is that the growth plates in our bodies, which are responsible for our height increase, are closed after puberty. The only permanent way to increase height post-puberty is through limb lengthening surgery, which is a serious operation that requires research and consultation with a doctor.

Regarding the use of height increase medications, it’s crucial to reiterate that such medications do not contribute to height growth in adults (those who have completed puberty) because the growth plates have already closed. Using such medications without a doctor’s supervision can lead to other health problems, making their use inadvisable. If you have taken any height increase medication without a doctor’s supervision, we recommend consulting a doctor for a check-up.

Are Height Growth Pills Safe?

height growth pills

Unfortunately, there is no available data on the risks that height increase medications may pose to human health. Besides their lack of contribution to height growth, the situation regarding their side effects is quite complicated.

Height increase medications are produced and sold for adults. However, since the growth plates in adults have closed, it is not possible for their height to increase, directly indicating that height increase medications will not be beneficial. Moreover, there is no clear information regarding their side effects because they are manufactured and sold by many companies. All products claimed to have medical effects need to be carefully examined. If you have previously used or are considering using such medications, it is crucial to consult a doctor.

How Can Height Be Increased after Puberty?

It is biologically impossible for individuals to increase their height after puberty. Therefore, any diet program, supplement, or exercise regimen will not be effective in this regard. While these methods can be highly beneficial for health, they will not contribute to height growth. At this point, many people wonder what alternative methods might be available.

The only possible way to increase height after puberty is through limb lengthening surgery. However, limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation, and it is very important to obtain detailed information about the process from a specialist doctor before making this decision. At Medzonia, we have been performing limb lengthening surgeries for about 10 years. One of the points we are most sensitive about is ensuring that our patients are correctly and clearly informed about the process. Individuals considering surgery are first subjected to health examinations by our specialist doctor. These examinations include checking the general health status, blood tests, X-ray images, bone health, and muscle structure. Additionally, the patient’s age and any chronic conditions are taken into consideration, and based on these, our doctor decides whether the patient is suitable for surgery. If you want to get detailed information about limb lengthening surgery, you can follow our YouTube page or directly contact our patient representatives.

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