13 December 2023Limb Lengthening Surgery

Average human height in JapanJapan is famous for its great technology, busy but neat cities, beautiful nature, ancient culture, and having the longest life span in the world. “Average human height in Japan” means the usual height of people living in Japan, whether in big cities or the countryside. While Japan is known for many things, being very tall on average is not one of them. Still, the average height in Japan has changed a lot in the last 100 years. This article talks about the “average human height in Japan” and looks into more details about it.

While the average height for men in Japan is approximately 171 cm (about 5 feet 7 inches), the average height for women is approximately 158 cm (about 5 feet 2 inches). These figures, however, can vary slightly depending on the source and the specific demographic being considered. It’s important to note that average heights can change over time due to factors such as nutrition, health care, and overall living conditions.

Factors Influencing Average Height in Japan

If we had to make a definition in terms of the factors affecting the average height, it would be more accurate to provide information not only for Japan but for all countries. Because there are multiple factors that affect the average height, and since each country has its own living standards and routines, the average height of each country is different from each other and it is not correct to conclude that the following factors definitely affected the average height of a particular country. However, we should especially point out that although there are various factors that affect the average height, the main factor is genetics.

  1. Genetics: This is the primary factor. The genetic makeup inherited from parents largely determines an individual’s potential for growth and height.
  2. Nutrition: Adequate and balanced nutrition is crucial, especially during the growing years. Deficiencies in essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals can limit height growth.
  3. Healthcare Access: Good healthcare, particularly in childhood, can influence height. This includes access to vaccinations, treatments for illnesses, and regular health checkups.
  4. Socioeconomic Status: This encompasses factors like income, education, and occupation, which can affect access to nutritious food and healthcare, ultimately impacting growth.
  5. Physical Activity: Regular exercise, especially during childhood and adolescence, can stimulate growth hormones, aiding in height development.
  6. Environmental Factors: This includes living conditions like cleanliness, exposure to pollutants, and access to clean water, all of which can impact health and growth.
  7. Hormonal Factors: Hormones like growth hormone, thyroid hormones, and sex hormones play a significant role in determining height.
  8. Psychological Factors: Chronic stress and mental health during childhood can have a physiological impact, potentially affecting growth and development.

How Does Height Increase?

Height increasing methods are often of interest to countries with shorter average heights, and there are many researched methods in this area. However, there is also a lot of misinformation, and many misconceptions are widely believed. Firstly, it’s important to clarify that the only method to increase height for individuals who have completed puberty is limb lengthening surgery. With the end of adolescence, the growth plates in our bodies close, and therefore, no method we try can make us grow taller. At this point, limb lengthening surgery is the only possible method for increasing height. If you think you are short and want to learn about limb lengthening surgery, you can read our article “Discovering Limb Lengthening Surgery: What’s It All About?

Countries That Prefer Limb Lengthening Surgery

In recent years, we can say that there has been a significant increase in interest in limb lengthening surgeries, with many people starting to travel to different countries to undergo the procedure. It might not be accurate to specify a particular country because, looking at general data, we can see that patients from almost every part of the world have begun to seek this surgery.

Among the countries that stand out in this regard, Turkey draws attention due to the number of patients it receives. Compared to many other European countries, Turkey is heavily preferred for limb lengthening surgeries, both for the quality of services offered, which are on par with others, and for conducting surgeries at much more affordable prices.

Why Should You Choose Turkey for Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Patient's before-after pictureTurkey has emerged as a favored choice for limb lengthening surgery, attracting patients with its combination of experienced orthopedic surgeons, often trained internationally, and modern medical facilities equipped with the latest technology. Despite these high standards of medical care, the cost of surgery in Turkey remains more affordable compared to many Western nations. Moreover, patients have the unique opportunity to experience Turkey’s rich historical and cultural heritage during their stay.

As Wanna Be Taller, for nearly a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to providing top-notch service with our team of medical experts. We place a high emphasis on maintaining transparent and ongoing communication with our patients throughout the limb lengthening surgery journey. Recognizing the complexity and the extensive recovery period of the procedure, we meticulously oversee every stage and offer continuous support via our patient representatives. Our skilled surgeon conducts the surgery, followed by comprehensive post-surgical care from our proficient physiotherapists who assist patients in both mental and physical rehabilitation. For further information about our methods and patient care, we invite you to view our informative video and contact to our patient representatives directly.

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