02 November 2023Limb Lengthening Surgery

Growth plates close after puberty period - young friends' picture A point we often emphasize to individuals who want to have limb lengthening surgery is the growth plates. Growth plates are special areas found at the ends of long bones in children and adolescents, and they allow for the elongation of bones, being composed of a softer and more flexible material called cartilage. This structure enables the bones to grow in length and is thus a significant factor affecting each individual’s final height. These cartilage areas are replaced by hard bone tissue and close as the puberty period comes to an end, and from this process onwards, an individual’s natural height growth ceases. Although the puberty period varies from person to person, it is typically completed between the ages of 18 to 21 on average.In short, we can say that with the end of puberty, the growth plates in the body also close, and from this process onwards, it is not possible for the individual’s height to increase naturally.

How Do Growth Plates Contribute to An Individual’s Final Adult Height?

The natural elongation of our height is only possible during the period before puberty. Before puberty, our height continues to increase as the growth plates, which facilitate the elongation of our height, are still actively working. However, after this period, these plates close and no matter what we do, it’s not possible for our height to increase naturally. So, we can say that your final height is completed as the growth plates close. If you have completed your puberty period and wish for an increase in height, the only solution at this point is limb lengthening surgery.

What Factors Can Influence The Activity and Health of Growth Plates?

When it comes to height growth, as mentioned in our article, the activity of growth plates during the period before adolescence is very important. The activity of growth plates is of course affected by our overall body health and genetic factors. That’s exactly why it’s very important for families to pay attention to their children’s health, especially during the development process. So, do you know exactly which factors affect the growth plates for healthy height growth? In the list below, you can find the necessary factors for a healthy development process:

Can Growth Plates Reopen?

Growth plateAmong the most curious topics for many people who are not satisfied with their height and want to extend it naturally is whether the growth plates can reopen. Unfortunately, it is not possible for growth plates to reopen after they close.

If you wish for your height to increase and are researching for it, the only method we can recommend is limb lengthening surgery. Limb lengthening surgery is a surgical method that enables individuals who have completed their adolescence and whose growth plates have closed to increase their height. In this surgery, which has a longer and more challenging recovery period compared to other types of surgeries, how much an individual’s height can be increased is determined after the necessary examinations and tests are conducted.


Is It Possible to Increase Height After Puberty?

As the growth plates close with the end of the puberty period, it is not possible to increase height naturally or with medications. Although changing your diet or exercise routine after this process may lead to positive results for your health, it will not contribute to increasing your height. At this point, the only thing you can do to increase your height is limb lengthening surgery.

If you want to get detailed information about this surgery, you can get a more objective answer by watching the patient interview video we have added below, where you can see a person who has experienced the process firsthand. Additionally, you can stay informed about our current announcements and processes by following us on our Instagram and TikTok accounts.


  1. When do growth plates close?
    The closure of growth plates occurs after puberty period. Although this situation varies from person to person, it corresponds to the age range of 18-21 on average.
  2. What is a growth plate?
    Growth plates are special zones located at the ends of the long bones in kids and teenagers, which help the bones to grow longer.
  3. Where are growth plates located?
    Growth plates are located at the ends of long bones in children and adolescents, near the joints.

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