18 October 2023Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgery is typically performed for cosmetic reasons or to treat certain medical conditions. During the surgery, the bone is cut and an extension device is placed between the cut bone to promote the formation of new bone tissue over time. In this process, while the formation of new bone is encouraged, the goal is to ensure the bones fuse properly and gain a functional structure. After leg lengthening surgery, physiotherapy helps the individual return to their normal life more quickly and healthily. However, of course, we can say that there are other effects as well.

In this article, we have explained in detail the importance of physiotherapy in the post-operative process. If you wish, you can learn more by continuing to read our article and watching videos of our patients who have undergone physiotherapy after lengthening surgery.

Physiotherapy in Limb Lengthening

Physiotherapy in the process of limb lengthening

Limb lengthening surgeries involve stretching the bones after a surgical break. As bones lengthen, the surrounding tissues – like blood vessels, nerves, and muscles – are also stretched. Gaining 5-7 cm in height from a single procedure can strain these tissues, causing pain and limiting leg and foot mobility.

However, just as we can train muscles to be stronger or more flexible, we can also train our legs to adapt to their new length through stretching and physiotherapy. Without this therapy, the strain can cause intense pain, walking difficulties, or even nerve damage.

The importance of physical therapy following limb lengthening surgery is emphasized for the following reasons:

Another thing for you to note is that while our patients typically perform exercises independently without any external assistance, this approach has shown to be insufficient for a healthy limb lengthening procedure. You might be disciplined and consistent in your exercises, but still, you might not be challenging your muscles adequately with individual exercises.At this point, the best approach is to undergo physiotherapy as recommended by your doctor to experience a proper recovery process.

If you have other questions related to leg lengthening surgery, you can access more detailed information by checking out our articles “Discovering limb lengthening surgery” or “Methods of limb lengthening surgery“. Additionally, for personal questions, you can directly communicate with our patient representatives through our WhatsApp line.

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