19 October 2023Limb Lengthening Surgery

While limb lengthening surgery is preferred by some people due to the health problems they experience (such as dwarfism, single leg shortness disorders), it is also preferred for other people for purely aesthetic reasons. The main point to be emphasized here is that in both cases, it should not be forgotten that this is a serious surgical operation.

As with any surgery, patients may experience some possible complications in limb lengthening surgery if the postoperative process is not carried out properly. So what is this possible complications after limb lengthening surgery?

Possible complications after limb lengthening surgery

What are the possible complications and risks after limb lengthening surgery?

Reasons of Potential Complications and Risks Post Limb Lengthening Surgery

Complications after limb lengthening surgery can arise due to various reasons, and understanding them helps in predicting, preventing, and managing these complications. Here’s why some reasons of these complications:

Reasons of Potential Complications and Risks Post Limb Lengthening Surgery

Important Things for Limb Lengthening Surgery

After limb lengthening surgery, attentive post-operative care is crucial to ensure proper healing, achieve the desired results, and minimize complications. Your doctor requests detailed tests before your surgery in order to ensure the best surgery and recovery process for you. The main purpose of this is to understand whether your body is ready for surgery or not, and then to provide you with the necessary treatments. After all these tests and surgery, it is very critical that your doctor performs a complete examination and that your physical treatments continue within the required time periods.

When all these factors are taken together, we can actually say that meticulous and careful process management is important in limb lengthening surgery, not only in the post-operative period but also in general, starting from your first meeting with your doctor. However, we can briefly summarize the points that need special attention as follows:

When it comes to lengthening surgery, the most important thing to pay attention to after the surgery is hygiene and regular physiotherapy. Carrying out these two criteria correctly also minimizes the risks of possible complications. If you are curious about the physical therapy process after lengthening surgery, you can get information by looking at our informative video.

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