02 January 2024Limb Lengthening Surgery

It’s widely known that the Stryde method, previously utilized in limb lengthening surgeries, has been discontinued due to certain technical issues. Many people were interested in how strong the Stryde nail was for limb lengthening. The good news is that even though the Stryde method is no longer used, a new and better nail is currently being developed!

The Precice Max is emerging as the most resilient nail manufactured to date. For those interested in learning more about this latest innovation, further details are available in the continuation of our article.

Stryde Nails

Precice Max: Future of Limb LengtheningThe Stryde method is a more recent way to make limbs longer. It uses Stryde nails, which were created by a company called NuVasive Specialised Orthopaedics. These nails are stronger than the older Precice nails because they are made of steel, not titanium alloy. They go inside the bone and have special ends that can stretch the bone slowly. This makes a gap for new bone to grow. The stretching is controlled by a device outside the body called an External Remote Controller (ERC). This device uses magnets in the nail to adjust the length. This Stryde method is really good because it’s less painful, people recover faster, and there’s a smaller chance of getting infections compared to the old way of using external frames to lengthen bones.

Stryde nails made the process after surgery a lot more comfortable for patients because they were really strong. However, use of these nails was discontinued due to some technical issues. Even though there are other ways to do limb lengthening surgery, the Stryde method stood out because its nails were very durable.

Exploring the Future of Orthopedic Nail Strength: Introducing Precice Max

In today’s medical world, technology is leading to amazing new developments, particularly in orthopedics. A key area of progress is limb lengthening surgery, and there’s exciting news about a new technique known as Precice Max. Let’s take a closer look at what this means:

  1. Precice Max Approved by FDA: The new limb lengthening method, Precice Max, has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is significant because FDA approval indicates that the treatment is probably safe and effective, and it might soon be available on the market.
  2. When and Where It Will Be Available: For now, Precice Max is being introduced and tested in the United States. Its availability in other countries, such as Turkey, is still uncertain, and it may take some time before it’s available internationally.
  3. An Excitement in the Orthopedic Field: The approval of Precice Max has generated excitement among orthopedic specialists and patients. There’s a lot of anticipation about its performance and potential benefits.
  4. What We Know So Far: While detailed information is still forthcoming, there are initial thoughts and speculations about Precice Max. These should be taken as preliminary ideas, not yet confirmed. More details are provided below:

Precice Max Basics:

As we wrap up this article, it’s important to emphasize that even though Precice Max appears to make the recovery process easier than other methods, patients should still prioritize their doctor’s appointments. Regular check-ups are essential to avoid any complications after the surgery. The frequency of using crutches and the need for any extra treatment will be determined by your doctor, based on your specific situation. If you have any questions about this method, you can contact with our patient representatives; also you can follow our YouTube channel for new updates.

Discover more about Precice Max in our video below, featuring insights from our specialist, Dr. Yunus Öç, who conducts limb lengthening surgeries. Don’t forget to follow our YouTube channel for additional updates!

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