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Average Height of Japan 2024Japan is an island nation in East Asia, consisting of four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku) along with thousands of smaller islands. With a population of approximately 126 million, Japan is the world’s eleventh most populous country. Its capital, Tokyo, is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with a population exceeding 37 million. Japan has shown rapid development in technology compared to many countries, making it one of the most fascinating countries worldwide. Consequently, its average height is often compared with other countries. In this article, we will explore the factors affecting Japan’s average height and examine the Average height of Japan 2024 data. If you wish, you can also read our article for more detailed information regarding the average height in Japan.

Average Height of Japanese Men and Women

Average Height of Japanese Men and WomenThe increase in average height in Japan, especially over the last century, is closely linked to the country’s economic development, changes in dietary habits, improvements in healthcare services, and overall better living conditions. Since the post-World War II period, Japan has undergone a rapid economic development process, which has significantly contributed to the improvement of the general health status and nutritional standards of the population. You can reach the data about average height of Japan people in 2024 below:



Average Male Height in Japan Average Female Height in Japan
172cm (5 feet 7 inches) 158cm (5 feet 2 inches)

Factors Affecting the Average Height of Japan

Factors Affecting the Average Height of JapanThe factors influencing height growth in Japan encompass a blend of genetics, nutrition, healthcare, and overall lifestyle, reflecting a broader global understanding of growth determinants.

In summary, the increase in average height in Japan is the result of a complex interplay between genetic potential and favorable environmental factors, including diet, healthcare, socioeconomic conditions, and lifestyle choices. These elements combined have contributed to the gradual increase in stature observed in the Japanese population over the past century. If you want to inspect last year’s data about average height, you can visit our “Average human height in Japan” article.

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