10 January 2024Limb Lengthening Surgery

Exploring Turkey's Advantages for Limb LengtheningTurkey has become an important point in health tourism, especially in recent years. Observing the trends over the past 5 to 10 years, it’s evident that there’s been a considerable influx of individuals from various countries worldwide choosing Turkey for their medical needs. This preference, particularly for limb lengthening surgery, is influenced by specific reasons. These include advanced medical technology, skilled surgeons, competitive pricing, and quality post-operative care, which collectively set Turkey apart in the medical tourism sector. The following details provide a deeper understanding of why Turkey is becoming a top choice for those seeking limb lengthening surgery, and how it differentiates itself from other countries offering similar medical services.

How Much Does Limb Lengthening Cost in Turkey?

One of the primary concerns for patients considering treatment in Turkey is the cost of surgery. It’s crucial to understand that in America, limb lengthening surgery can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $360,000, varying based on the hospital and specific treatments involved. In Europe, these surgeries are priced between €40,000 and €200,000. Faced with these substantial expenses, many patients seek more affordable alternatives. Turkey, known for its sophisticated medical technology and reasonable pricing, has become a top choice for such patients. For a detailed comparison of limb lengthening surgery costs in different countries, you can refer to our article “Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost 2023.” Additionally, list of the costs for these surgeries in Turkey is provided below.

Methods Dollar-Based Pricing Euro-Based Pricing
LON $22.850 21.500€
Precice 2 $48.500 45.600€

Pricing with Package Options

Dollar-Based Package Option Euro-Based Package Option
LON + 3 month accomodation service $33.590 LON + 3 month accomodation service 32.240€
Precice 2 + 3 month accomodation service $59.240 Precice 2 + 3 month accomodation service 56.340€

For more in-depth details regarding pricing, feel free to reach out to our patient representatives directly. Also, you can follow our YouTube channel for new updates about the surgery.


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